Foto: Clemens Nestroy
Sven Helbig - Entgrenzungen; Foto: Johannes Gellner
 Foto: Johannes Gellner
 Consumnia; Foto: Johannes Gellner
KUG-Ehrendoktor Phil Collins; Foto: Johannes Gellner
Der Großinquisitor; Foto: Alexander Wenzel
Foto: Clemens Nestroy
Petrit Çeku/ R. Grozic; Holger Falk/ Kaupo Kikkas

From Chamber Music for Guitar to PPCM Voice - New Studies at the KUG

With new master's degree programs and new professorships, KUG is developing emphases in the areas of chamber music and new music.

Closing Concert "Tango for Musicians" 2019; Foto: Alexander Wenzel

Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019

The international tango workshop "Tango for Musicians" took place from 18th to 21st September 2019 at the University of Music and Performing Arts...