Foto: Clemens Nestroy
Sven Helbig - Entgrenzungen; Foto: Johannes Gellner
 Foto: Johannes Gellner
 Consumnia; Foto: Johannes Gellner
KUG-Ehrendoktor Phil Collins; Foto: Johannes Gellner
Der Großinquisitor; Foto: Alexander Wenzel
Foto: Clemens Nestroy
Petrit Çeku/ R. Grozic; Holger Falk/ Kaupo Kikkas

From Chamber Music for Guitar to PPCM Voice - New Studies at the KUG

With new master's degree programs and new professorships, KUG is developing emphases in the areas of chamber music and new music.

KUG-Rektorat NEU: GRUPE, SIMANDL, SCHULZ, ZEICHEN-ZIEGLER, WIMMER (v.l.n.r.); Foto: Alexander Wenzel

University Council elects Rectorate Team proposed by Georg Schulz – one male and three female Vice Rectors

In its meeting of 9 December 2019, the University Council of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG) unanimously voted in the Rectorate...